Facilitating groups to achieve great results


We have more than twelve years' experience of facilitating group sessions of all sizes, face-to-face and in virtual environments. We facilitate:

  • Projects, workshops and conferences on challenging and complex issues. 
  • National and international summits on issues of strategic importance, both face to face and virtually
  • Public consultations involving people from different backgrounds and communities.
  • Events using online and distance technologies to achieve results at lower cost and higher sustainability and access.
  • One to one and group coaching to tackle key challenges, build capacity and skills and improve relationships.

We are trained and certified to meet the competencies set by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). We have worked in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Asia and specialise in dealing with conflict and challenge and facilitating collaboration and creativity.
We make sure that we understand the nature of your organisation, its culture and ways of working. We will help you tackle the problems that get in your way and find the solutions that help you survive and grow. We don’t come in with 'our' model based on what we have done elsewhere - we do however know what works in other organisations and other countries.

We know that working with outsiders can be challenging. We aim to make your life easier and make sure we meet our commitments in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner.


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