Many organisations need to consult – but how do you ensure your consultations deliver real results? We are experienced in designing and facilitating consultation events that help organisations find out what they really need to know - while making sure that the people consulted feel that their voices have been properly heard.

We can also offer logistical and operational support which can make organising and running your own consultations less daunting.

We have a history of working with government departments and public bodies to help them tap into the views of their target service users, client groups and key stakeholders– so they can make rounded, well-informed decisions.

We know how important it is that organisations and individuals who are consulted by public bodies feel that their views are valued and taken into account – so we pay particular attention to making sure that participants understand how their views will make a difference.
We facilitate one-off consultation events as well as organising more extensive consultation programmes.

These may include:

  • quantitative research including online surveys
  • high-level summits on strategic aspects of proposals
  • focus groups and workshops with citizens, front line staff or other interested parties
  • Open Space and World CafĂ© events that generate new thinking and innovation
  • academic 'sandpits' and research development workshops.

All of our consultation activities are facilitated by professional, experienced facilitators.  We work to the competencies of the International Association of Facilitators, and the principles of the International Association for Public Participation.
We produce readable reports in plain English – which make clear recommendations.  We also give feedback to the people who have been consulted about the differences their views have made.

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