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Today feels like just about the worst time to be running a business.  The economy is uncertain, customers aren’t buying, and the banks aren’t lending.  Businesses are being dragged down or at best stagnating.  You are working harder and harder for less and less return. And you risk being overcautious so you miss out on opportunities when they do come up.

Yet some small businesses are managing to get out of the mire by finding ways of tackling these problems. They stand out from the crowd by adding social, environmental and ethical dimensions to their business strategy.  They are not necessarily doing more things than you are, but they are doing them differently.

How do you avoid stagnating or falling behind? Why not join our great Masterclass.
Small business masterclass:  strategies for growth

14 December 2011 - Derbyshire

The workshop provides practical advice about how to stand out from the crowd, offer superior value and motivate yourself and your staff.  The masterclass will also provide an opportunity for you to discuss and review your business strategy with other participants. To find out more click here.

Special introductory offer:  £150 plus VAT (total £180). The booking fee includes a learning journal and MP3s of the interviews with national experts and successful organisations carried out for the Small Business SHAPING THE BIG SOCIETY Summit.  To book please click here.
Useful resources

What helps you grow your business?  Our small business checklist poses some questions to get you thinking.  Download the checklist here.
Useful resources

We also offer one-to-one coaching for business owners face to face, by phone or online.  To find out more contact Carol Sherriff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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