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Wilson Sherriff was founded in 2000 by Carol Sherriff and Simon Wilson offering training and facilitation services. Today we work face to face and virtually with individuals, teams and organisations to solve problems, generate ideas, and take decisions.  Our core activities are group facilitation, learning facilitation, and coaching. We have a core team of specialists and a network of partners and professional associates which enables us to provide you with a tailored approach to meet your needs and budget.

Based in the UK, we increasingly work internationally using virtual and face to face approaches.

Carol Sheriff, Director of Wilson Sherriff, says: ‘Many of our clients fear working with groups inside and outside their organisation – they often experience this as time-consuming, frustrating, lacking in focus and fraught with difficulty and conflict. So they are relieved to know that there are tried and tested ways of making such events, projects and training programmes purposeful, excellent use of time and money and a positive experience for all concerned. I am not sure they ever believe beforehand they can also be enjoyable and have lasting impact but afterwards they are amazed by the enthusiasm within their organisation to take things forward.’

Simon Wilson, Director of Wilson Sherriff, says 'Our clients often have to tackle complex strategy or policy issues involving multiple stakeholders. They have to produce results to tight deadlines while making sure that everyone feels that their views are taken into account. There are also real pressures on budgets. We work with them to put together a realistic plan with clear milestones to achieve their outcomes. We are very flexible and respond quickly to whatever comes up. We aim for all the stakeholders in a project to feel that they have been listened to. We help our clients make the right decisions on complex issues.’

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